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October 2015

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Man and Nature at Mountain View

It was an oversight on my part that led to how I came to experience Mountain View Cemetery a few weeks ago.  I had been crossing my fingers for an overcast & foggy morning for my trip there.  When I saw the forecast for an upcoming Saturday morning, I was up and out the door at 6:15am so I could get there right when they open the gates at 6:30am.  What I failed to take into account was that the sun wouldn’t be up until after 7:00am.

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Food, Recipes & Tips

Halloween Night Dinner Food…put spinach in it

Watch out everyone…your little super heros, witches, and ghosts are about to come home with loads of the sweet stuff this weekend.  Come Monday morning, parents of other little super heroes, witches, and ghosts are going to be leaving bags of leftover candy on counters and tables at work.  As you now know, I love candy, but my 39-year-old hips don’t need it.

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Inspiration Boards


It might be a disappointment for some of you, but I am not a big Halloween fan.  I have never enjoyed dressing up, I am not a fan of scary movies, and while orange is my favorite color, I really don’t like it paired with black.  BUT, I LOVE CANDY.  Maybe it goes back to my childhood memories of stopping at Freeway Variety on my way home from school and stock piling up on Jolly Rancher sticks and Now & Laters.  Nowadays I don’t eat it that often, but I do recommend you don’t leave an unattended box of Mike & Ikes in my presence.  So, all that being said…my favorite part of Halloween is the candy.

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Local, Restaurants & Drink

Wonderfully Grand…Grand Fare Market

I have had my eye on the space for months, driving by and watching with curiosity to see what was going to unfold behind the “Grand Fare Market – Grand Hospitality. Grand Fare” sign that hung outside the old Monkey Forest Road space on the 3200 block of Grand Ave. Given the proximity to Charlie Hallowell’s local gems Penrose and Boot & Shoe Service, my hopes were high.

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Inspiration Boards



Fall is my favorite time of year.  I am a Californian at heart, but during October I sometimes wish I was a New Englander so I could enjoy the season to its fullest.  Cold, crisp mornings, crunchy leaves in a rainbow of colors, cozy scarves, and the beginning of comfort food season all make me a happy camper.  Here’s a few fun tidbits in honor of fall and the quintessential fall fruit, the apple. Continue Reading


Nice to meet you

I’m here…finally.  I feel a bit like a woman is has shown up REALLY late to a party, unsure of how to make an entrance.

I know I am joining thousands of women who have chosen to use blogging as a way to share a variety of things, and who try to make an impact in their own way.  Whether it is a personal platform for relaying the journey of motherhood, a vehicle to share amazing recipes, a creative and crafting hotspot, a fashion trend guidebook, and so on…they are all out there in numbers that I have found daunting.  So many of these women do it INCREDIBLY well.  It has been an inspiration for me.

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