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Halloween Night Dinner Food…put spinach in it

Watch out everyone…your little super heros, witches, and ghosts are about to come home with loads of the sweet stuff this weekend.  Come Monday morning, parents of other little super heroes, witches, and ghosts are going to be leaving bags of leftover candy on counters and tables at work.  As you now know, I love candy, but my 39-year-old hips don’t need it.

This is a bonus post that purely came to be because I am working on my shopping list to head to the store later.  I came across a tasty looking recipe for a Mexican Tortilla Casserole this morning and realized it had the bonus ingredient of spinach.  It also has the benefit of something that can be prepped and baked in advance.  Anything that can be baked in a big dish and left on the stove to dig into is a favorite of mine.  Not only because you can do all the prep in advance, but also because these dishes tend to hold their heat quite well.  Throw a piece of foil over it, and an hour or two later you are still going to get a helping that is quite warm.  Maybe even slightly easier to wolf down as you head back out the door for another lap.

Here are 3 recipes that all share the above traits – advance prep, stay warm, and have loads of the healthy green stuff so we can offset the guilt when we sneak into the kids bags after they go to sleep :o)

Cup of Jo is one of my favorite blogs to follow, and here is the Mexican Tortilla Casserole she posted just this morning.

Strata can be for dinner too…I love all things Smitten Kitchen and her Spinach & Cheese Strata could be made on Friday to bake Saturday afternoon.

I have been making a modified version of this old Cooking Light recipe for years, white cheese & sausage pasta.  I use a full pound of pasta, up the cheese just a bit, and add whatever green I feel like, typically spinach or swiss chard.  I also came across this baked pasta with spinach that sounds pretty good too…



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Image on left: Susana Fernandez via Flickr / Image on Right: George Ruiz via Flickr


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