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November 2015

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Good Food and Simple Charm at Sequoia Diner

There is a charming simplicity to Sequoia Diner.  A lovely combination of delicious & classic diner fare served in a space full of classic diner style.

Sequoia Diner is located in the Laurel District of Oakland, in a spot that has been occupied by cafes and diners since the 1940’s. Owners Andrew Vennari and Sequoia Broderson have set a nice example of how to make an entrance into an established and tight knit Oakland community.  Bringing their years of experience from the front and back of the house at East Bay hotspots such as Camino, Duende, and La Note, they have blended new into old in a subtle and respectful way. Neighborhood residents themselves, they have focused on creating a place that feels like it was meant to be for those of us who are their neighbors.

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Ranch Life and Apples…A Birthday Getaway

I love fall.  I love the crisp mornings, the falling leaves, and cozy feeling of scarf around my neck.  I am lucky that my birthday lands right in the midst of my favorite season.  A couple months ago I began to hear about the Apple Hill Region of Northern California, just east of Placerville in the Sierra Foothills.   An area of over 50 farms and ranches; it is a blend of apple orchards, fruit growers, christmas tree farms, and wineries.

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Crafts, Kid Friendly

Crafting Fall Leaves

There is a simple beauty in a painting done by a 3-year-old.  While they aren’t quite able to draw people, places and things, they can swirl, twist and mash a paintbrush like no other.  I often like to find ways to turn these masterpieces into the things that my son will someday be able to draw on his own.  In this case…leaves.

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