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June 2017

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Lost in Thought in Leona Canyon

I am lucky to live where I do.  Oakland has endless spots where I can simply take a turn and be transported from pavement to dirt.  The sound of birds chirping may be accompanied by the drone of a leaf blower but as my feet carry me further into the hills their song becomes a cappella.  The namesake giants of Redwood Regional and winding trails of Joaquin Miller are second homes; a curve or bend in a trail is as familiar as a corner of my hallway.  The wildland parks and trails of the Oakland Hills are sought after spots for many to escape urban daily life.  However, there are times when I feel like my escape does not deliver the solitude I need.  Trails such as Stream and Sequoia-Bayview can become nature’s version of a highway.  Three weeks ago, in a quest for quiet on a particularly difficult day, I turned to the lesser traveled Leona Canyon Regional Open Space Preserve to be alone with my thoughts.

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