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July 2017

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Celebrate Ice Cream at Oakland’s Fentons Creamery

Let’s be honest.  The days dedicated to the celebration of food have gotten a BIT out of control.  From popcorn to pickles, if there is a food you love more than anything else in the world, I’ll bet there’s a day somewhere on the calendar dedicated to its creation and all its iterations.  A day to celebrate it…and perhaps eat it without guilt.  If there is one sweet treat that deserves its own day, it is ice cream.  In fact, it technically has an entire month.  The warm summer month of July is known as National Ice Cream Month; its third Sunday is the day to raise your spoons in honor of its deliciousness.

For so many of us, ice cream holds a special place in our memory banks.  I remember sitting as a kid in the old Ice House in Montclair with my cone of blue bubble gum…and a styrofoam cup to collect all the colorful balls.  Just two weeks ago I watched my daughter sit in the sun at the Alameda County Fair with a huge swirl-filled waffle cone covered in sticky drips; her face covered in an even bigger sticky grin.  I smiled and fought the urge to pull out the napkins until she was done.  Fentons Creamery in Oakland is a place where many of us have made such memories.  It has been in business for almost 123 years…and seems to me to be the perfect place to add one more memory this Sunday.

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Dirt Filled Dreams on Happy Acre Farm

Do you ever look at someone else’s life with envy?  Do you admire someone, driven by passion, who has taken what they love, followed the calling, and turned it into their profession?   As someone who has never had a well-defined career, a title to easily slide after my name, I envy those who not only have that title, but wear it as a badge of honor because they are doing what they truly love.  If I was ever to put the title “Farmer” after my name, many in my family would die of laughter.  I do not have a green thumb; you could call it black.  Things don’t stay alive in the dirt when I touch them.  Not only that, I don’t like to garden, plant, pull weeds and so on.  Yet when I am on a farm, I SO desperately wish I could be one of those people who loves it.  To be a farmer would incorporate so many things that I DO love; early mornings, the outdoors, healthy food fresh from the dirt.  If I could only get over the “don’t like to dig in the dirt for hours on end” thing I would be all set.  I would be sold.  To visit a lovely young couple from Oakland that has done it, turned their passion for fresh produce into a way of life that sustains them with their very own Happy Acre Farm, brought my envy bubbling to the surface.

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