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September 2017

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Calm and Contemplation in Sibley’s Labyrinths

Once upon a time, a volcano tipped onto its side.  Millions of years later, quarries were dug within its ancient bowels and pieces of geological history were unearthed.  As stone was left to settle, upturned from the depths of the earth, is it possible that an energy was lifted, creating a mystical place that has drawn people to these hills in search of a way to discover their own answers?  For some, the twists and turns of the ancient landscape of Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve have created tranquil spots to leave their own mark in the form of concentric curves.  The mysterious labyrinths found within the parks borders have become landmarks in their own right.  While the history of labyrinths and their symbolism is varied and long, what became curious to me is their invaluable message in modern times.  Often described incorrectly as a maze, the labyrinth is the antithesis of its more complicated counterpart.  One way in and one way out; a singular course with only one direction.  For me, during a time of confusion, change, and decisions, a quiet wander through their soothing turns on a foggy morning was a welcome moment of peace.

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