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We are deep into fall.  Thanksgiving is upon us, with the thought of Christmas already present.  The air has gone cool, the heat is turned on, and socks are always on as I putter around the house.  The oven avoidance that is common in our house during the summer months is long gone and the season of roasting and baking is here.  Squash has always been one of those things I have been unsure of, the idea of a plain and slightly mushy slice of roasted squash has no appeal.  It used to be that the thought of squash meant a beeline for butternut, but nowadays you can find all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors with intriguing names such as delicata and kabocha.

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Halloween Night Dinner Food…put spinach in it

Watch out everyone…your little super heros, witches, and ghosts are about to come home with loads of the sweet stuff this weekend.  Come Monday morning, parents of other little super heroes, witches, and ghosts are going to be leaving bags of leftover candy on counters and tables at work.  As you now know, I love candy, but my 39-year-old hips don’t need it.

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It might be a disappointment for some of you, but I am not a big Halloween fan.  I have never enjoyed dressing up, I am not a fan of scary movies, and while orange is my favorite color, I really don’t like it paired with black.  BUT, I LOVE CANDY.  Maybe it goes back to my childhood memories of stopping at Freeway Variety on my way home from school and stock piling up on Jolly Rancher sticks and Now & Laters.  Nowadays I don’t eat it that often, but I do recommend you don’t leave an unattended box of Mike & Ikes in my presence.  So, all that being said…my favorite part of Halloween is the candy.

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Fall is my favorite time of year.  I am a Californian at heart, but during October I sometimes wish I was a New Englander so I could enjoy the season to its fullest.  Cold, crisp mornings, crunchy leaves in a rainbow of colors, cozy scarves, and the beginning of comfort food season all make me a happy camper.  Here’s a few fun tidbits in honor of fall and the quintessential fall fruit, the apple. Continue Reading