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Spring Has Sprung Along the Merriwood Steps

Staircases serve a purpose.  They get us from one level to another in our homes; from one floor to another in a building.  They can be short or long, curved or straight, steep or gradual.  Some of us use then by choice, some of us head straight for an elevator if its available.  I have a love/hate relationship with stairs.  I am not a fan of uphill climbing :o)  The strenuous monotony that comes with putting one foot in front of the other on a steep set of stairs doesn’t typically appeal to me.  However, the nostalgic notion of hidden outdoor staircases tucked in our cities hillsides, leftover from a time of streetcar suburbia, was enough motivation to get me in the car early in the morning on the President’s Day holiday.  The combination of the beautiful weather, the sights, smells and sounds of spring, and the lovely hillside setting was enough to keep me moving.  It was even enough to turn me around at the bottom to head back to the top.

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Oakland’s Old Neighbor…Brooklyn??

On a recent cold & drizzly Saturday morning I checked off my first goal on my “Things To Do In Oakland in 2016” list.  I attended a walk hosted by Oakland Urban Paths through the streets of what was once a town that sat next door to Oakland, named Brooklyn.  As our city has moved to the forefront of the national stage recently, there have been numerous comparisons to New York City’s neighboring borough, Brooklyn.  I am going to bow out of the “my town is cooler” debate and find humor in the irony that the 2 town names once sat side-by-side on a map.

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Local Loyalty From The Loveliest of Bugs

On a recent cold, foggy morning I hit the road early, in search of one of the coolest things I have learned about Oakland in awhile.  I was the first visitor to the main gate of Redwood Regional Park; most others were probably still enjoying the warmth of their homes on a chilly Saturday morning.  I zipped up my coat, put on my hat, and headed out of the Canyon Meadow Staging Area on the Stream Trail.  What I was in search of were big piles of the little red and black bugs that bring us luck when they land on our shoulder.  They brought me luck on this morning, I was in for a treat.

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Sunday Morning…York Trail

Put 4444 Mountain Blvd. into your Map App and you will find yourself at Leona Lodge…right next door is a nondescript trailhead that will lead you to this…

Old wooden bridges, a canyon of redwood and laurels, and wouldn’t you know it….a running creek!  If you are like me, and love the sound of water in nature, take an hour out of your day to hide away in this little gem.   Continue Reading