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Winter Greens

The season of endless baked goods has come to an end…*sigh*.   I feel sad, but I’m desperately trying to lift my chin and focus on fitting healthy leafy greens into my life here and there.  The weather is chilly and calling for dishes with depth and warmth.  A mound of melted deep, dark greens is a wonderful accompaniment to so many winter dishes.  Whether piled on a pizza, wrapped around fillings, swirled with pasta, or chopped raw in a salad, winter greens bring earthy flavor to our cold weather tables.  Here are lots of options I have found across the web, with a few fun things to round it out….just cause.

15 ways to eat your greens found here on The Kitchn.  They also featured a few more recipes on winter greens here

Regardless of how you feel about Gwyneth, The Goop did a nice recap of leafy green recipes

While not exactly focused on the dark leafy green, I can’t resist a Green Machine Sandwich, or a Magic Green Sauce

Smitten Kitchen has stuffed cabbage both here and here, I want to try both

I love pesto.  I love spinach pesto.  For some reason I have been scared to try kale pesto, I can’t explain why.  Maybe pairing it with Mac & Cheese will make it a tad easier for me to take the leap

My husband and I love a good kale ceasar salad and have perfected our own.  I thought this Toasted Bread & Parmesan Kale Salad looked just up our alley

Kale & Kettle Chips in a salad???  At first I was horrified, but the longer I thought about it, the more I became intrigued

A simple kale salad with grapefruit, pomegranate and parmesan.  Yum

Alright, enough with the kale.  Couscous with swiss chard, raisins, and feta sounds pretty good to me too

How about Baked Orzo with Chard, Feta and Dill?

These little chard packages make me smile, and say YUM…I like the idea of adding corn

I have been making a version of this rapini pizza for years.  I amp it up a bit with crumbled chicken sausage.  Save time and use premade pizza dough

I’ve seen a couple different rapini noodle bowls that are going onto my to-do list, this one has some peanut sauce action going on; this one doesn’t, but looks just as good

And a few more leafy green tidbits, just for fun…

The weather in the Bay Area is chilly enough to call for sweaters in shade of mossmistletoe, and autumn pine.  Or maybe basil pesto?  Or secret garden?

Vintage cabbage print for your kitchen wall perhaps?

Leafy green pitcher?  The spout on this one is unique too…

I love vintage glasses, and these leafy green hi-balls are just my style

Leafy greens on fabric…I think kitchen towels, maybe a project for next years Christmas gifts

My husband and I had a wonderful stay at Evergreen Lodge up near Yosemite a few years ago and I desperately want to go back.  When I came across this wedding that took place there I couldn’t resist adding it to the list…just cause




Photo Credits:
Top Row (left to right): Leaves Turning, Chimney Smoking – Mark Robinson via Flickr.  Evergreen Pine Needles – J and R Photography via Flickr.  Cabbage – Corey Harmon via Flickr.  Snow on Pine – Marina Perevezentseva via Flickr.
Middle Row (left to right): Red & Green Cabbage – Royal Holiday via MorgueFile.  Colorful Kale – Doug McAbee via Flickr.  Cabbage – William Warby via Flickr.
Bottom Row (left to right): Evergreen – DncnH via Flickr.  Vosges Mist – David Penny via Flickr.  Ornamental Kale – Leslie De Blasio via Flickr.  Greens – Penn State via Flickr.


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