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It’s here.  I purchased my first bunch of the season last week.  Asparagus is a telltale sign that spring is just around the corner.  Just as the daffodils have burst through our rain drenched soil to open up and smile at us, asparagus and their tender tips have popped up like little soldiers to say “Come on spring, we’re ready for you”.  While the season doesn’t officially start for four more weeks, we can enjoy the combination of the sunny February days we have been blessed with, along with these crisp stalks, to remind us that spring will soon be here.  Here are a few recipes and fun tidbits to help you enjoy this delicious veggie.

I saw this grain salad with asparagus and Meyer lemon on the kitchn earlier today, a perfect way to enjoy the end of the citrus season along with the arrival of asparagus.

I can’t do an inspiration board without including my favorite food blog, Smitten Kitchen.  I made this simple asparagus pizza last year, and will surely be doing it again.  Although I might be tempted to add an egg this time.

While looking on her site for the above, I came across this recipe for asparagus with yogurt and almonds that looks lovely.

I saw Ina Garten do this asparagus with prosciutto and egg on Barefoot Contessa one day…it looked like heaven.

Serious Eats is a great resource for all things food & cooking…they have given me these delicious ideas:
Tartine sandwiches with asparagus, ricotta and mint…yes please!
Grilled asparagus dipped in 3 different aioli options…yum!
Roast chicken with asparagus panzanella…I will admit I would probably cheat and buy a rotisserie chicken :o)
And here is 20 more…I will be trying the caesar and farro salads myself.

Asparagus and Gruyere come together in tart form in several places on the web, but they all seem to be descendants of Martha’s version.

In frittata form there is leek & asparagus, or asparagus with peas and smoked gouda.

Lets make sure we also cover off some very important questions and facts:

Do you peel your asparagus?  I don’t.  According to this survey, I am in the majority.

Do you snap the ends off, or not?  I do…some say you loose too much of the stalk that way.  According to The New York Times, you can still be left with tough, stringy ends if you snap.  They recommend cutting 6-7 inches down from the tip.  To me, it’s just too fun, and too easy.

Fat vs. Skinny?  Thick vs. Thin?  I personally prefer a happy medium right in the middle.  How ’bout you?

According to this article in Smithsonian Magazine, even Benjamin Franklin commented on this strange side effect of eating asparagus back in 1781.  Just why, oh why, does it make our pee smell?   I always assumed it happened to everyone.  Eating just one stalk does it to me.  However, I guess some folks are spared.

And just for fun…

Continuing my love for flour sack towels with a couple of darling options a la asparagus here and here.

Etsy and eBay are full of vintage French asparagus plates.  How “French” is it that they have special plates just for asparagus?  If I could afford it, and had the space, I would be all over this set.  The color is gorgeous.

Maybe I will just take this cute vintage french crate label instead… :o)

How cute are these baby leggings?  Or this onesie…too adorable.




Photo Credits:
Top Row (from left to right): Daffodil – TANAKA Juuyoh via flickr / Wild Daffodils – Vince Alongi via flickr / asparagus – liz west via flickr
Middle Row (from left to right): asparagus – liz west via flickr / Asparagus – Michael Leland via flickr /  Daffodils – Keith Todd via flickr
Bottom Row (from left to right): white and orange daffodil, taken by my wife – Martin LaBar via flickr / Daffodils in Spring Sunset – Nic Taylor via flickr / Asparagus – Steve Cavrich via flickr





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